KSW 39: Colosseum breaks records, official weigh-in results

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The Saturday’s KSW 39: Colosseum event at the Poland’s largest arena – Warsaw’s National Stadium has already sold more than 56’600 tickets breaking UFC 193 record of the biggest attended MMA show since Pride Shockwave 2002.

The entire event will be streamed online via Internet PPV on

The main event for the star-studded show has been made official today when both current KSW champions Mamed Khalidov and Borys Mańkowski hit scale at 81.9 kilograms for their 82-kilogram catchweight bout.

With exception of Julio Gallegos, all twenty-two fighters made their contracted limits:

82 kg: Mamed Khalidov (81.9) vs Borys Mańkowski (81.9)
120 kg: Mariusz Pudzianowski (114.3) vs Tyberiusz Kowalczyk (110.3)
120 kg: Fernando Rodrigues (111.4) vs Marcin Różalski (110.6) – for the KSW heavyweight title
Open: Popek Monster (123) vs Robert Burneika (125)
93 kg: Tomasz Narkun (93) vs Marcin Wójcik (92.9) – for the KSW light heavyweight title
93 kg: Łukasz Jurkowski (93.2) vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (93.5)
70,3 kg: Mateusz Gamrot (70.3) vs Norman Parke (70.2) – for the KSW lightweight title
120 kg: Michał Kita (104) vs Michał Andryszak (114.8)
65,8 kg: Marcin Wrzosek (65.5) vs Kleber Koike Erbst (65.6) – for the KSW featherweight title
83,9 kg: Damian Janikowski (84.4) vs Julio Gallegos (84.9)*
56,7 kg: Ariane Lipski (56.5) vs Diana Belbita (56.5) – for the inaugural KSW women’s flyweight title

*Gallegos missed weight by 500 grams and was deducted 30% of his purse